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India (Indy)

India (Indi)  came to us as a scared and completely unhandled yearling filly who we saved from slaughter in February 2017. Now at 3 1/2 years old, she stands at 14 hands tall. She has come a long way and absolutely loves people and attention. India is a very smart […]

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Orion is a beautiful 15.1 hand, 7 year old gelding who was slaughter-bound when rescued. He arrived with us in the winter of 2016/2017.  He has a young and lively personality. Orion has an old injury in his left stifle but it does not bother him while doing ground work, […]

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Luna is a 16 year old beautiful flea bitten grey quarter horse mare. She has a very sweet personality and loves to stand to be groomed. She is good for the vet and Farrier and great with other horses. Luna is an easy keeper and is available as a companion […]

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Missy is a 19 year old Thoroughbred mare who had a brief racing career. She came to us as an owner surrender about 2 years ago. Missy is available as a companion horse and gets along well in a herd. She is good for the vet and farrier and loves attention. Adoption Fee $150

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Jaks is a 10 year old appendix gelding who was owned by a kill buyer and about to ship to slaughter and we pulled him. He has been with us since August 2016. He was very underweight when he came to us but is looking great now. He’s very sweet […]

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Ferdinand is a thoroughbred gelding and arrived at DER in August of 2016 as a four year old. He had been raced several times and won a couple of races. When he stopped running as fast, he found himself standing in a kill pen waiting to ship to Mexico for […]

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Spirit is a Shetland pony who came to us through a local neglect case in March of 2016 with three others. He was a 6 year old feral stallion. We had him gelded right away. It’s taken a lot of work and patience and he is still not completely trusting […]

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Barney was one of four neglected stallions who arrived with us in March of 2016. They were a local owner surrender and very feral. We had them gelded right away and trimmed their feet long feet while they were sedated. It took a lot of patience to gain their trust […]

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We rescued Fred along with three other mini’s from a local neglect situation in 2016. All four were stallions and had foundered. Their hooves were very long and they were very afraid of people due to never being handled. Fred was the friendliest and most trusting of the four. He […]

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